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Peer-Refereed Journals


1.      Beebee, T.  2012.  Impact of Ranavirus on garden amphibian populations.  Herpetological Bulletin 120:1-3.


2.      De Jesus Andino, F., G. Chen, Z. Li, L. Grayfer, and J. Robert.  2012.  Susceptibility of Xenopus laevis tadpoles to infection by the ranavirus Frog-Virus 3 correlates with a reduced and delayed innate immune response in comparison with adult frogs.  Virology 432:435-443.


3.      Goodman, R. M., and Y. T. Ararso.  Survey of ranavirus and the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in frogs of central Virginia, USA.  Herpetological Review 43:78-80.


4.      Gray, M. J., D. L. Miller and J. T. Hoverman.  2012.  Reliability of non-lethal surveillance methods for detecting ranavirus infection.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 99:1-6.


5.      Grayfer, L., F. De Jesus Andino, G. Chen, G. V. Chinchar, and J. Robert.  2012.  Immune evasion strategies of ranaviruses and innate immune responses to these emerging pathogens.  Viruses 4:1075-1092.


6.      Haislip, N. A., J. T. Hoverman, D. L. Miller, and M. J. Gray.  2012.  Natural stressors and disease risk: does the threat of predation increase amphibian susceptibility to ranavirus?  Canadian Journal of Zoology 90:893-902.


7.      Holopainen, R., H. Tapiovaara, and J. Honkanen.  2012.  Expression analysis of immune response genes in fish epithelial cells following ranavirus infection.  Fish and Shellfish Immunology 32:1095-1105.


8.      Hoverman, J. T., J. R. Mihaljevic, K. L. D. Richgels, J. L. Kerby, and P. T. J. Johnson.  2012.  Widespread co-occurrence of virulent pathogens within California amphibian communities.  EcoHealth 9:288-292. 


9.      Kik, M., M. Stege, R. Boonyarittichaikij, and A. van Asten.  2012.  Concurrent ranavirus and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in captive frogs (Phyllobates and Dendrobates species), The Netherlands, 2012: A first report.  The Veterinary Journal 194:247-249.


10.    La Fauce, K., E. Ariel, S. Munns, C. Rush, and L. Owens.  2012.  Influence of temperature and exposure time on the infectivity of Bohle iridovirus, a ranavirus.  Aquaculture 354-355:64-67.


11.  Lei, X.-Y., T. Ou, R.-L. Zhu, and Q.-Y. Zhang.  2012.  Sequencing and analysis of the complete genome of Rana grylio virus (RGV).  Archives of Virology 157:1559-1564. 


12.  Mavian, C., A. Lopez-Bueno, A. Balseiro, R. Casais, A. Alcami, and A. Alejo.  2012.  The genome sequence of the emerging common midwife toad virus identifies an evolutionary intermediate within ranaviruses.  Journal of Virology 86:3617-3625.


13.  Martel, A., M. S. Fard, P. Van Rooij, R. Jooris, F. Boone, F. Haesebrouck, D. Van Rooij, and F. Pasmans.  2012.  Road-killed common toads (Bufo bufo) in Flanders (Belgium) reveal low prevalence of ranaviruses and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.  Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48:835-839.


14.  Nazir, J., M. Spengler, and R. E. Marschang.  2012.  Environmental persistence of amphibian and reptilian ranaviruses.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 98:177-184. 


15.  O’Bryan, C. J., M. J. Gray, and C. S. Brooks.  2012.  Further presence of ranavirus infection in amphibian populations of Tennessee, USA.  Herpetological Review 43:293-295. 


16.  Souza, M. J., M. J. Gray, P. Colclough, and D. L. Miller.  2012.  Prevalence of infection by Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and ranavirus in eastern hellbenders in eastern Tennessee.  Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48:560-566. 


17.  Weir, R. P., N. J. G. Moody, A. D. Hyatt, S. Crameri, R. Voysey, J. Pallister, and I. V. Jerrett.  2012.  Isolation and characterisation of a novel Bohle-like virus from two frog species in the Darwin rural area, Australia.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 99:169-177.


18.  Whitfield, S. M., M. A. Donnelly, E. Geerdes, and J. Kerby.  2012.  Ranavirus infection in native amphibians at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica: First report of ranavirus in Central America.  Herpetological Review 43:425-427.


19.  Wolff, B. G., S. M. Conway, and C. J. Dabney, III.  2012.    Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and ranavirus in anurans inhabiting decorative koi ponds near Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  Herpetological Review 43:427-429.


Book Chapters


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Popular and News Articles


1.      Marschang, R. E., and D. L. Miller.  2012.  2011 International Ranavirus Symposium.  Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery 21:1-2

2.      Lesbarrères, D., A. Balseiro, J. Brunner, V. G. Chinchar, A. Duffus, J. Kerby, D. L. Miller, J. Robert, D. M. Schock, T. Waltzek, and M. J. Gray.  2012.  Ranavirus: past, present and future.  Biology Letters 8:481-483.


3.      Steelhammer, R.  2012.  West Virginia turtle die-off linked to ranavirus disease.  Charleston Gazette.  

4.      Shaver, K.  2012.  In Maryland, fear for the turtles.  Washington Post.    



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