Graduate Seminar in Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries

WFS 512, FOR 512, FWF 612

Spring Semester 2020

University of Tennessee-Knoxville




Facilitators:                            Dr. Matthew Gray ( and and Dr. Charlie Kwit (

Seminar Assistants:              Ed Yost, Kiley Davan, Adri Tompros, and Savannah Blackman        

Phone:                                    974-2740 (MG), 974-9793 (CK)

Office:                                    247 Ellington PSB (MG), G51C McCord (CK)

Meeting Time and Place     Wed, 12:20 − 1:10 p.m., 160 Plant Biotechnology Building


Course Goal:      To provide an opportunity for forestry, wildlife and fisheries graduate students to practice delivering professional presentations and to increase opportunities for graduate students and faculty to interact.


Expected Outcomes:         Students will develop skills in constructing and delivering PowerPoint presentations and in answering questions related to their graduate research and natural resource principles, concepts and issues.


Course Credits:                     1 credit



Academic Assessment:


Weights of Academic Assessments:


            Presentation             85%                

            ● Attendance              15%  (1.25% per seminar, 22 Jan – 15 Apr)        




Course grade will be determined using the following scale:



Final Weighted Percent



Final Weighted Percent













Full Syllabus

Presentation Grading Sheet

Examples of Contemporary Natural Resource Topics

Presentation Schedule:


Name (MS/PhD; Major)


29 Jan

Jonah Piovia-Scott

(Washington State Univ)

Temporal variation in the effects of predators and pathogens on ecological communities

19 Feb

1.  Ed Yost (PhD)

Fire intensity, frequency, and season of burning affects red maple seedling survival in an experimental plantation.

26 Feb

1. Josh Alston (MS, WFS)

2. Max Street (MS, FOR)

Bears in Big South Fork: A Spatially Explicit Density Estimate of a Reintroduced Population.

Changes in Forest Composition throughout the southeastern United States.

4 Mar

1. Shawna Mitchell (MS, WFS)

2. Abby Meeks (MS, WFS)

Microplastics in freshwater ecosystems.

Hunter’s Perception of Risk and Hunting Intention in Response to Discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease in Western Tennessee.

11 Mar

1.  Regis Nisengwe (PhD)

2.  Ash Cable (PhD)

Applying Social Cognitive Model to Investigate Environmental Behaviors of Farmers in Rwanda.

Roosting and Foraging Ecology of Female Tri-colored Bats in the Southeast

18 Mar

No Seminar -- Spring Break

25 Mar

1.  Nidia Panti (MS, FOR)

2.  Kiley Davan (MS, WFS)

Wood properties of Teak (Tectona grandis) from an immature unmanaged stand in Belize.

An assessment of small game hunters' and trappers' motivations, satisfaction, and limitations.

1 Apr

1.  Bret Elgersma (MS, WFS)

2.  Mika Donahue (MS, WFS)

Small mammals response to intercropping White Oak (Quercus alba) and Pine (Pinus spp.). Industrial Application of Advanced Algorithms for Real-Time Data Fusion and Predictive Modeling in the Wood Composites Industry

8 Apr

1.  Savannah Blackman (MS, WFS)


2.  Adri Tompros (MS, WFS)

Can Farmers and Wildlife Coexist? Farmer Attitudes and Experiences with Wildlife in the Maya Golden Landscape, Belize

Management strategies to reduce invasion potential of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans.

15 Apr

1.  Tim Kane (MS, FOR)

2.  Josh Biggerstaff (MS, FOR)

Machine Learning Algorithms and Wildfire Prediction.

The Effect of a Clearcutting Moratorium on Hardwood Regeneration.


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Slides: (PDF Format)

Introductory Presentations: 

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                             Research Presentation Example

Lecture Presentation Example

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