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Pile And Burn Mechanics

Felling, piling, and burning infested trees is one of the oldest SPB control methods and is effective when properly done. But because of high costs and environmental constraints, the practice has been used sparingly in recent years. All the bark must be completely burned to achieve control. It is not necessary to cut, pile, and burn vacated trees. For practical reasons, both infested and vacated trees are usually piled and burned to clear the site for regeneration. Burning can cause wildfires, so it should be restricted to periods of low fire danger. Also, Federal and State air pollution laws must be taken into consideration.

Procedures for Piling-and-Burning

  1. Identify and mark all SPB-infested trees.
  2. Fell all infested trees and pile them in the center of the infested area.
  3. Burn the pile until all infested bark has been thoroughly charred.
  4. Do not burn if it cannot be done safely or if it will promote significant soil erosion.
  5. Check carefully around the spot to ensure that no green infested trees have been overlooked.
  6. Check for breakouts during the next aerial survey. Treat breakouts as needed.

   7.    Notify your local Division of Forestry office for a burning permit.



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