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Harvesting Recommendations With Southern Pine Beetle Concerns

Susceptibility of trees to SPB attack increases with age. Mature and overmature trees usually have slower radial growth, flat-topped crowns, and sparse foliage. These trees seldom respond to intermediate cuttings and should be replaced with the most resistant host species or a species mix suited to the area.

Many overmature pine stands throughout the South are being intentionally preserved for ecological, wildlife, or aesthetic reasons. These stands are extremely susceptible to attack and should be monitored regularly to detect the buildup of SPB populations early, when remedial action can save the pine component.

These overmature trees with their lower vigor are just not able to fight off the beetle.  Landowners should harvest their pine according to their management goals, but always keep in mind that if these older trees are attacked the opportunity to collect on an economic return from their investment rapidly decreases.



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