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Richard J. Strange

I came to UT in 1978 after completing my bachelors at Colorado State, masters at Virginia Tech, and doctorate at Oregon State. While in school, I worked for the game and fish agencies of Colorado, Virginia, and Oregon. I hold a majority teaching appointment. My regular classes include: Conservation (FWF 250) a service course intended for non-majors with a current enrollment of about 250, Principles of Wildlife and Fisheries Science (FWF 317) a requirement in both the Forestry and Wildlife and Fisheries curricula with an enrollment of about 70, Fisheries Science (WFS 443) a requirement in the WFS curriculum with an enrollment of 30 and graduate courses, Fish Physiology (WFS 450/550) and Recirculation Aquaculture (456/556) which are taught entirely online.

My minority research appointment has included work on fish physiology, salmonid conservation, and aquatic toxicology. I have directed the research of over 25 graduate students.  Sources of extramural funding have included USDA, EPA and State of Tennessee.

During my 30+ years at UT I have made a concerted effort to become involved in institutional service throughout the campus. Examples include a term in the Faculty Senate where I served on the Executive Committee and as chair of the Teaching Council twice. I am past president of the UTK Chapter of AAUP. I served as Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Additionally, I serve as newsletter editor for the Tennessee Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

Dr. Strange

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Richard Strange
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