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Faculty and Staff


Keith Belli, Professor and Head
Penny Barnhart, Accounting Specialist
Kristy Keel-Blackmon, Communications Specialist
Alyssa Merka, Administrative Specialist
LaVetta Spann, Principal Secretary
Sharon Sparks, Accounting Specialist
Jennie Swanson, Administrative Specialist
Martha Thompson, Principal Secretary
Terry White, Administrative Specialist
Lisa Widener, Business Manager
Mirian Wright, Principal Secretary

Forestry Faculty & Staff

Ray Albright, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Matthew Aldrovandi, Research Specialist
David S. Buckley, Professor
Sara Clatterbuck, IT Analyst
Wayne K. Clatterbuck, Professor
Richard M. Evans, Director (Post-Retirement Appointment), FRREC
J. Mark Fly, Professor
Jennifer Franklin, Associate Professor
Donald G. Hodges, Professor
Jason Hogan, Research Associate
Allan Houston, Research Professor
Kevin Hoyt, Director, Forest Resources Research and Education Center
Misty Huddleston, Adjunct Assistant Professor
John Johnson, Research Specialist
Sharon Jean-Philippe, Associate Professor
Albert Luloff, Adjunct Professor
David Mercker, Extension Specialist
Phillip Mummert, Adjunct Professor
Neelam Poudyal, Assistant Professor
Jack Ranney, Adjunct Associate Professor
Greg Reams, Adjunct Professor
John C. Rennie, Professor Emeritus
Scott E. Schlarbaum, James R. Cox Professor of Forest Genetics
Susan Schexnayder, Senior Research Associate
Gary Schneider, Professor and Associate Dean Emeritus
Ami Sharp, Research Associate
John B. Sharp, Professor Emeritus
Larry Tankersley, Extension Specialist
Tom Waldrop, Adjunct Professor
Jeff Warren, Adjunct Assistant Professor
John Zobel, Assistant Professor

Wood Science and Bio-based Products Faculty & Staff

Marius Barbu, Adjunct Professor
Joe Bozell, Professor
David Harper, Associate Professor
Chris Helton, Research Specialist
Steven Kelley, Adjunct Professor
Nicole Labbé, Professor
Terry Liles, Adjunct Professor
Alexander Petutschnigg, Adjunct Professor
Don Stumbo, Professor Emeritus
Adam Taylor, Professor
Siqun Wang, Professor
Kendhl Witt, Research Associate
Tim Young, Professor

Wildlife and Fisheries Faculty & Staff

Brian Alford, Assistant Professor
Roger Applegate, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Riley Bernard, Post-doctoral Research Associate
Mark Bevelhimer, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Black, Research Leader
Nanna Brande-Lavridsen, Post-dorctoral Research Associate
David A. Buehler, Professor
Steven Chapman, Research Consultant
Joe Clark, Adjunct Professor
Joyce Coombs, Research Associate
Thomas Dailey, Research Scientist
John Doty, Information Specialist
Shigetoshi Eda, Professor
Kay Franzreb, Adjunct Associate Professor
Keith Garner, Research Specialist
Chris Graves, Lecturer
Matthew J. Gray, Professor
Katie Greenberg, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Craig Harper, Professor
Theodore B. Henry, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Graham Hickling, Associate Professor
Thomas K. Hill, Professor Emeritus
Jef Hodges, Research Consultant
Pat Keyser, Professor
Charles Kwit, Assistant Professor
Donald McKenzie, Research Leader
Debra L. Miller, Professor
Lisa Muller, Associate Professor
Teresa Payne, Research Associate
Michael R. Pelton, Professor Emeritus
Richard J. Strange, Professor
William Sutton, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Frank Van Manen, Adjunct Professor
Michael Vaughan, Adjunct Professor
Adam S. Willcox, Research Assistant Professor
Emma V. Willcox, Assistant Professor
J. Larry Wilson, Adjunct Professor
Justin Wolbert, Research Specialist

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