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Keith Belli
Department Head

Dr. Belli has served as Professor and Head of the Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department (FWF) since May of 2007.  The department is a comprehensive unit, with 29 faculty members carrying out research, teaching and extension activities in a wide range of natural resources-related disciplines. 

Dr. Belli acts as a representative for FWF with agencies and organizations within Tennessee, regionally, and nationally.  He is a member of the Tennessee Forestry Association Board of Directors, and has been closely involved with the Tennessee Division of Forestry (TDF) within the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, most recently serving as a member of the steering committee for the Tennessee Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy, produced in 2011.  Dr. Belli has also maintained close contacts with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).  All three organizations are represented on the Departmental Advisory Board.

Dr. Belli has also been very active regionally and nationally through the Southern Appalachian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (SA-CESU), and the National Association of University Forest Resources Programs (NAUFRP).  He also serves as a representative to its organizational counterpart, the National Association of Fisheries and Wildlife Programs (NAUFWP).

The University of Tennessee serves as “host” organization for the Southern Appalachian Cooperative ecosystem Studies Unit (SA-CESU).  The objective of the SA-CESU is to facilitate collaboration between federal natural resource agencies and non-federal partners (e.g., universities, NGOs, institutes, etc.) to conduct research and educational activities.  As the designated representative of the host institution, Dr. Belli organizes annual meetings, works with prospective partners (federal and non-federal), and leads the 5-year renewal process for the organization.

Within NAUFRP, Dr. Belli has served as Southern Region Chair, and is currently serving as National Research Chair.  As regional chair, he helped organize and co-hosted, with the University of Kentucky, a one-day facilitated workshop in Knoxville (March 27, 2008) on recruiting efforts in the South.  The workshop led to collaboration on the development and implementation of a Southern region undergraduate recruiting survey in 2008-2009.  He has also assisted (as committee member) in development of the NAUFRP Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Strategy (ratified March 23, 2011).

As NAUFRP Research Chair, Dr. Belli represents both NAUFRP and FWF with federal agencies (e.g., USDA Forest Service, NIFA).  He has been able to present priorities to NIFA for their AFRI Grants program, and works with the Forest Service research and development to do the same.  Since becoming NAUFRP Research Chair in 2010, he has led in the implementation of semi-annual visits to meet with NIFA Administration and National Program Leaders.  As part of this close collaboration with NIFA, he has been responsible for maintaining, expanding, and assessing an online panel-reviewer database for use by National Program Leaders.  The goal of these activities is to increase the participation and success of faculty in natural resources (including FWF faculty) in the AFRI competitive grants program.

Keith Belli

Contact Information

Dr. Keith Belli
425 Plant Biotechnology Building
2505 E J Chapman Drive
Knoxville , TN 37996-4563
(865) 974-7988