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Jennifer Franklin
Associate Professor

The Tennessee Tree Physiology Lab Website

Originally from Mississippi, Dr. Jennifer Franklin has most recently come from western Canada where she obtained a B.Sc. in plant biology from the University of British Columbia 1997. She completed her Ph.D. in forest biology at the University of Alberta in 2002, where she researched the growth and physiology of boreal forest species exposed to salinity and mine tailings materials. Jennifer went on to a post-doctoral position the University of Calgary. There she taught in an undergraduate plant physiology course, and researched the effects of root cooling on plant growth and ethylene production. She joined UTK in July of 2003.

Dr. Franklin teaches Tree Physiology, Tree Biology, Environmental Impacts, portions of Silviculture, and Fire Ecology in Forestry Spring Camp, and is currently developing a new course in tree physiology. Other areas of interest include tree growth and development, anatomy, ecophysiology, and land reclamation.

In her research program, Jennifer investigates the whole-plant physiology of trees and the interactions between trees and the environment, with the goals of maximizing the productivity of Tennessee forests. Tree response to elevated growth temperatures, altered nitrogen availability, flooding, and root severing are currently under investigation. This research uses measurements of tree water relations, respiration, photosynthesis, carbohydrate storage, and biochemical analyses to attempt to explain the relationships between environmental variables and tree growth. The growth and function of roots, the lesser-known half of the tree, and their response to both soil and above-ground environment is a primary area of research.

Jennifer resides in Maryville with her husband Jim, and son Jacob. Among the many activities she enjoys are hiking, gardening, rock collecting, and boating.

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Jennifer Franklin
Associate Professor
134 Plant Biotechnology Bldg
(865) 974-2724