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Faculty and Staff Craig Harper

Food Plots

My graduate students and I have worked on many issues related to food plots. This work was summarized in the manual listed below. Also listed below are some other materials we have produced related to food plots and other plantings.


Harper, C.A. 2016. A guide to wildlife food plots and early successional plants. University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Knoxville, TN. 446 pages.

Extension Publications

Bates, G.E., C.A. Harper, and F. Allen. 2008. Forage and field crop seeding guide for Tennessee. University of Tennessee Extension, SP 378.

Popular Press Articles

Harper, C.A. 2015. Deer prefer awnless wheat. Quality Whitetails 22(5):26-27.

Harper, C.A. 2012. A primer on herbicide use for quality food plots. Quality Whitetails 19(2):52-59.

Harper, C.A. 2008. Annual vs. perennials: Which is best for your deer nutrition program? Quality Whitetails 15(2):20-29.

Extension Articles

Spray now to control weeds in cool-season forage food plots

Soil test now for spring wildlife plantings

Winter Food Plot Fertilization

A paper concerning use of mineral sites by white-tailed deer:
Shaw, C.E., C.A. Harper, M.W. Black, and A.E. Houston. 2007. An evaluation of four mineral formulations to attract deer to camera survey sites. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 82:83-87.



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