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Faculty and Staff Craig Harper

White-tailed Deer Management

Below are selected materials my graduate students and I have produced as related to white-tailed deer management.

Scientific Articles

Lashley, M.A., M.C. Chitwood, C.A. Harper, C.E. Moorman, and C.S. DePerno. 2015. Poor soils and density-mediated body weight in deer: Forage quality or quantity? Wildlife Biology 21(4):213-219.

Nanney, J.S., A.S. Willcox, A.E. Houston, and C.A. Harper. 2015. Influence of a quality deer management program on hunter knowledge, perceptions, and satisfaction. Journal of the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 2:247-254.

Lashley, M.A., M.C. Chitwood, R. Kays, C.A. Harper, C.S. DePerno, and C.E. Moorman. 2015. Prescribed fire affects female white-tailed deer habitat use during summer lactation. Forest Ecology and Management 348:220-225.

Beaver, J.T., C.A. Harper, R.E. Kissell, Jr., L.I. Muller, P.S. Basinger, M.J. Goode, F.T. van Manen, W. Winton, and M.L. Kennedy. 2014. Aerial vertical-looking infrared imagery to evaluate bias of distance sampling techniques for white-tailed deer. Wildlife Society Bulletin 38(2):419-427.

Goode, M.J., J.T. Beaver, L.I. Muller, J.D. Clark, F.T. van Manen, C.A. Harper, and P.S. Basinger. 2014. Capture-recapture of white-tailed deer using DNA from fecal pellet groups. Wildlife Biology 20(5):270-278.

Lashley, M.A., M.C. Chitwood, C.A. Harper, C.E. Moorman, and C.S. DePerno. 2014. Collection, handling, and analysis of wildlife forages for concentrate selectors. Wildlife Biology in Practice 10(1):6-15.

Harper, C.A., C.E. Shaw, J.M. Fly, and J.T. Beaver. 2012. Attitudes of Tennessee deer hunters toward quality deer management. Wildlife Society Bulletin 36(2):277-285.

Lashley, M.A. and C.A. Harper. 2012. Effects of extreme drought on native forage nutritional quality and white-tailed deer diet selection in the Central Hardwoods. Southeastern Naturalist 11(4):699-710.

Lashley, M.A., C.A. Harper, G.E. Bates, and P.D. Keyser. 2011. Forage availability for white-tailed deer following silvicultural treatments. Journal of Wildlife Management 75:1467-1476.

Shaw, C.E. and C.A. Harper. 2008. Effects of various approaches to quality deer management on white- tailed deer harvest. Proceedings Annual Conference of Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 62:1-6.

Shaw, C.E., C.A. Harper, M.W. Black, and A.E. Houston. 2007. An evaluation of four mineral formulations to attract deer to camera survey sites. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 82:83-87.

Extension Publications

Harper, C.A. and M. Black. 2002. The hunters’ guide to a successful hunt lease. The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service, PB 1709.

Dixon, C.E. and C.A. Harper. 2002. Using single-strand fencing to manage deer damage. The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service, SP 598. (Note this brochure provides information on managing deer damage in gardens and crop fields. This is not intended as a strategy to keep deer from entering food plots.)

Popular Press Articles

Houston, A.E. and C.A. Harper. 2015. QDM journey: The Ames story. Quality Whitetails 22(5):44-51.

Harper, C.A. and A.E. Houston. 2009. Managing quality deer at Ames Plantation. Quality Whitetails 16(1):50-56.

Harper, C.A. 2008. Annual vs. perennials: Which is best for your deer nutrition program? Quality Whitetails 15(2):20-29.

Harper, C.A. and C.E. Shaw. 2008. The effects of prescribed burning and fertilization on browse production in hardwood stands. Quality Whitetails 15(3):48-50.

Harper, C.A. and J.P. Gruchy. 2007. Old-field management for white-tailed deer. Quality Whitetails 14(3):16-24.

Extension Articles

Harper, C.A. 2007. Estimating live age instead of antler restrictions for QDM programs. Renewable Natural Resources Timely Tips – Landowners. Vol. 17, No. 3.

What is a “cull” buck?

Hemorrhagic disease in Tennessee Common Wildlife Diseases in Early Fall

Mississippi State University Extension publication: Using Antler Restrictions to Manage for Older-aged Bucks


White-tailed Deer Observation Form

White-tailed Deer Kill Station Data Form

Other Resources

QDMA Whitetail Report 2009

QDMA Whitetail Report 2010

QDMA Whitetail Report 2011

QDMA Whitetail Report 2012


Seth Basinger's thesis: Rutting behavior and factors influencing vehicle collisions of white-tailed deer in Middle Tennessee

Jarred Beaver's thesis: An Evaluation of Population Estimators and Forage Availability and Quality for White-tailed Deer in Tennessee

Marcus Lashley’s thesis: Deer Forage Available Following Silvicultural Treatments in Mature Hardwood Forest

Chris Shaw’s thesis: An Evaluation of Quality Deer Management Programs in Tennessee


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